If you want to use your assets, your skills, and your drive to contribute purposefully and continuously…

But you’ve hit a brick wall, and you can’t see what else to change (you’ve changed so much already)…

And you just can’t see what truly separates the Wildly Successful from those who are stuck hitting up against the glass ceiling of success…
Then it’s time for me to introduce you to...
For only a handful of people, there exists an insatiable need to understand the difference between how the most successful individuals think (in every industry you can imagine)…

And the way others (high achievers even)—with moderate success-think.

That difference is…

Very few people understand Universal Laws and how to apply them.

The others attempt to manipulate their circumstances, and never gain the perspective that equals exponential ROI.

My 6-part course, A Mindset for Maximum Prosperity, reveals how massive results manifest…

Even from upside-down situations.
Even if you’ve made big mistakes, and are scrambling to course correct…
Even if you feel chained to certain circumstance (or person) that constrains you…
If you own a business, want to start a business, or just want to inject some life-changing information into your life…

Your Money (and your Mental Clarity) is NON-Negotiable.

I hope that sounds like a plan to you, and if it doesn’t, my 6-part course won’t help.

This is about TRUTH...and how to see it WITHOUT your subconscious toxifying your understanding.

This is about DESIRE...to be a better leader, a better coach, a better closer, or simply a better citizen of the world.

And this very real transformation will happen for you, EVEN if you can’t see what is possible right now.
All the questioning and the struggle STOP within 6 weeks. Join me for my 6-part course, and you will become a more strategic, answer-focused thinker because your mind functions from a place of clarity, not confusion that mucks you up.
You’ll have the mindset for maximum prosperity, because you…
  • Apply the 7 Universal Laws to everything you do in life, so that you remain clear on what’s true and what’s toxic.
  • Spot each and every opportunity that comes your way, and always know the next move you’re going to make.
  • Understand what’s a cause and what’s an effect—knowing the difference means everything when it comes to maximizing your prosperity!
  • ​Create money...and not “get-by” money...a real income that funds the life you’ve always wanted to live.
  • ​Know which problems actually need solving, along with the blind spots that keep you stuck at the starting gate.
As the best-selling author of The Millions Within, I teach entrepreneurs and commission-based sales professionals how to quantum leap their current incomes past the 7-figure income level, often in less than 12 months. As a world-class speaker, sales trainer, and success-mindset mentor to some of the globe’s top CEOs, I’ve privately mentored some of the most successful solopreneurs of the last decade, including Suzanne Evans, Fabienne Fredrickson, Kendall Summerhawk, RJon Robins, and Angelique Rewers.

Here’s what one of my clients, Angelique Rewers,
The Corporate Agent, has to say about working with me:

Results like this can happen for anyone. Even you.

But first, you must bring expanded awareness and Wealth Consciousness into your life, so that you can lead your best life and serve the greatest number of people. Simply put...
I invite you to join my 6-part program to master the 7 Universal Laws. Join me today, and I’ll help you:
  • Access the mindset and manifesting secrets of multimillionaire entrepreneurs, so that you can lead your most prosperous life.
  • Understand the Laws, so that you can pull others out of their “stories,” and lead them to “see” what it is that they need to move forward.
  • See where inaccurate thinking causes limited success, so that you become self-aware of the way your mind works to trick you.
  • ​Become exponentially more confident and more “knowing,” so that your clients and others see you as someone worth listening to, following, supporting.
There is a barrier to achieving greatness, but there is one clear way through it.

You’re about to discover the 7 Laws that come from the original hermetic teachings, and applying these Laws allows you to eliminate confusion, doubt, fear, and worry…so that you can achieve the greatness you were born with.

Work with me, your
Master Income Acceleration Mentor to…

  • Uncover the Law of Cause and Effect, so that you know what builds your fortune and what doesn’t. (Money is an effect, not a cause…and every time you allow yourself to accept otherwise, your programming wins.)
  • Discover the Law of Polarity, so that you have the heightened awareness it takes to identify massive opportunity hiding in plain sight.
  • Tap into the Law of Rhythm, so that you learn exactly when to advance forward, and exactly when patience must rule the day.
  • ​Grasp the Law of Relativity, so that you perceive circumstances through accurate thinking (rather than through your emotions), and take action in the right way.
  • ​Understand the Law of Gender, and how the differences between masculine and feminine principles dictate your actions, so that you will approach solutions from a place of balance.
  • ​Master the Law of Gestation, so that you know the right timing for every move you make on the path to your success.
  • ​Apply the Law of Perpetual Transmutation, and how everything in the Universe consistently moves, so that you can change your thinking to change your life.

Create your own circumstances and
master the Universe with…

If you’ve done any of my previous courses, then you already know you’re in for some life-changing information. But remember: Never before have I taught the Laws of the Universe step by step. Not in a home study course. Not even at a live event.
But it’s so important that I finally teach this to you…

We all have programming—generational beliefs and society programming. And that programming is unconscious. It’s powerful because your programming runs how you make decisions without you knowing it.

And that leaves you in a dangerous position.

The difference between successful and struggling? Most people react based on their programming. A select few (like you!) become conscious of their own programming, and change circumstances based on the TRUTH.

Embrace Your Longing to Achieve Greatness...

Join Me to Master 7 Universal Laws

I want you to stop feeling confused. You can’t manifest your greatest potential if you...
  • Remain stuck at the starting gate and trapped in a state of doubt and worry that leads to a lack mentality.
  • Understand the Laws, so that you can pull others out of their “stories,” and lead them to “see” what it is that they need to move forward.
  • Continue in toxic circumstances, because the subconscious mind won’t reveal opportunities.
  • ​Are not able to tell the difference between an actual problem that requires a new approach or a personal subconscious block.
  • See money as a cause, not as an effect, leading you to struggle in your sales conversations, and leave your potential customers worse off, not better.

Your time is right now.
Time to break free from the bondage of unclear thinking.
Time to see the truth, and act on it.

I make no exceptions when it comes to the level of service I give my students. If you’re still undecided, or you have questions about my A Mindset for Maximum Prosperity 6-Part Course, I invite you to speak with my highly trained Team at 877-776-6364.
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