Embrace your brilliance,Unlock an irresistible inner confidence,
and create cash-flow, clients & credibility... Continuously!
David Neagle, Millionaire Success & Wealth Consciousness Mentor for Entrepreneurs & Speakers
From: David Neagle
Dear Independent Business Owner,

Do you have a BIG VISION for your business & the kind of impact you’d like to be making in the world – but feel stuck, small, confused and wishing for the Big Breakthrough that will allow you to finally be SEEN as the Expert you really are?

Are you mystified why some entrepreneurs & speakers seem to be flooded with guest speaker invitations, constant kudos & recognition, plus a consistent influx of new clients and cash-flow?
Do you crave opportunities to be in the spotlight like they are, knowing you have an important message to share, with an equal amount of passion and brilliance to back you up?

Are you determined to boost your current business — including your visibility, your impact, your magnetism, your opportunities, your credibility, your clients, your cash-flow, and YES … even your lifestyle — way beyond “just-getting-by”, no matter what?
If you answered "Yes!" to ANY of these questions and you have dreams to create a big impact in the world, make a big difference in the lives of thousands, be recognized with big credibility for your Unique Expertise – and YES! – be Financially Rewarded in a BIG WAY too …

Then I invite you to join me and over the course of 4 Virtual Trainings and a 2-Day Intensive  I'll personally mentor you to Maximize Your Marketing Mindset…
allowing you to embrace & embody your brilliance with more confidence & credibility than ever before.
Would you like to do that?
Would you like to continue taking this 
conversation deeper with me …
and start making the money you really desire?

I’d like to do that with YOU,
IN my new program:
choose your 2-day intensive location:
August 12-13, 2019
Charlotte, NC
September 9-10, 2019
Charlotte, NC
October 10-11, 2019
Charlotte, NC
(Seats are limited to 35 registrants. DO NOT DELAY!)
Got questions? Want to purchase a +1 ticket for just $275?
Call and speak to my highly trained team at
Do you desire to be recognized 
as the beyond-brilliant, 
big-results, big-hearted Expert 
you absolutely are?
Then it’s time to stop suppressing & suffocating your greatness, 

and finally learn to do what I’ve taught each one of 

my many multimillionaire private clients, past & present:

I’m David Neagle, and for more than 10 years I’ve been recognized globally as the Million Dollar Income Acceleration Master Coach.

Meaning: For more than two decades I have personally and consistently mentored entrepreneurs to take their high 5- and low 6-figure businesses over the 7-figure sales mark in record time. (Often in under 12 months.) 

My LIVE coaching seminars & private mentorship have been credited by many highly respected & globally-celebrated entrepreneurs ~ like Ali Brown, Angelique Rewers, Marla Mattenson, RJon Robins, Kendall Summerhawk & Suzanne Evans ~ as being THE catalyst & launching pad for their own respective success transformations, and the rapid achievement of personal goals they had imagined were years beyond their reach.

Join me for this transformational 
course, and here’s exactly what 
we’ll work on together:

Audio Lesson #1:

The New Economy
You will learn: The number one Disruption Strategy that will allow you to build your business without competing with the masses.

  Audio Lesson #2:

Standing for Something
 You will learn: A key exercise you can immediately implement to spot opportunities that are in line with your vision and life purpose.

  Audio Lesson #3:

Disrupt the Status Quo
You will learn: How to neutralize your fear of rejection and use the "no"s as a way to propel yourself to success.

  Audio Lesson #4:

What's Stopping You
You will learn: A crucial strategy that will let you know when you need to just be patient and stay on course OR when to chart a new course for your goals.
Then during your 2-day intensive,
we’ll tie it all together and dive deeper by working on:
Day 1
The #1 Best way to enroll new clients is to
“Maximize Your Marketing Mindset”
and have clients Come. To. YOU!
TRUTH: There are very few problems in business that can’t be solved simply by enrolling a few new active, paying, ideal clients. 

OBSTACLE: You’d love to ~ if only it wasn’t so darn difficult to find them in the first place!

SOLUTION: Manifest Your Marketability, and have ideal prospects forming a line to get to you!

During our first day together, you’ll learn:
  •  The THREE key factors that separate entrepreneurs who’ve stepped INTO their “Marketability”, from those who are choosing to remain left behind to fight over clients in the marketing trenches.
  •  What you must NEVER say to yourself ever again, because every time you do you’re committing the #1 most sabotaging crime against yourself, your results and your success.
  •  How to GET TO THE BOTTOM of your nervous butterflies, why it’s so difficult for you to ask for the sale, and what to do about it! (THIS awareness will save you from flubbing your close for good ~ meaning: You’ll get more than your ROI on your registration to this event from this one ah-ha alone!)
  •  The INSTANTANEOUS way to establish credibility in any situation, and how this single strategy will put you in a class all to yourself, time and time again.
  •  The TWO tricks I learned from MY mentor over ten years ago that I use to-this-day at every single social engagement or networking opportunity.
  •  The #1 REASON I receive so many invitations to be showcased as an Expert on more TeleSummits, Radio Shows, Podcasts and Stages than I can possibly accept, and what you can start doing immediately that will increase your visibility & desirability before the year is out!
Day 2
Now That You’ve Caught Their Attention, 
Here’s Your Step-By-Step Plan For
“Monetizing Your Marketability”!
(Enrolling new clients is just like clockwork, when you’re confident about exactly what to say, and when to say it!)
TRUTH: There are very few problems in business that can’t be solved simply by enrolling a few new active, paying, ideal clients.
OBSTACLE:You’d love to ~ if only it wasn’t so darn difficult to convert more conversations into paying clients!
SOLUTION: Monetize Your Marketing, by embodying comfort and confidence in enrolling new clients fast!
During our first day together, you’ll learn:
  •  Exactly WHY the health of your own Wealth Consciousness (or lack thereof) directly affects how you show up in conversations, and what to do about the fact that your own “lack-thinking” is killing your income growth.
  •  How to STOP turning over your power to your potential clients … and how doing so not only dis-empowers both of you … but measurably decreases your credibility & ultimately your ability to establish yourself as a leader.
  •  How the finer points of Conversion Psychology can help you break free of fears, doubts, insecurities & misconceptions around one-on-one sales, and allow you to serve so strongly during the interaction, neither you nor your potential client will feel anything but grateful for the opportunity.
  •  WORD-FOR-WORD exactly what to say when a potential client tells you: “I just can’t afford it”. (This answer will so drastically increase your enrollments, you’ll want to immediately call back every single person who ever told you this!!)
  •  Exciting ways to book your schedule solid with complimentary strategy sessions (aka: Conversion Conversations), and absolutely grow your list at the exact same time!
  •  LET GO ~ once & for all ~ your fear of rejection. (If nothing else: you deserve to set yourself free from this pain.)
Plus you’ll get these bonuses:
Bonus #1
A private 20-minute “MAXIMIZE YOUR
 MARKETING MINDSET” Coaching Call, with a Team 
Neagle Income Acceleration Coach
Get valuable insight and feedback on what 
you can shift to raise your income immediately. 

Bonus #2
Cheat Sheet of the Universal Laws
You’ll be able to get a clear and concise 
description of each Universal Law to start 
understanding how each law and its subsidiary laws 
affect your results if used effectively vs. 
Bonus #3
How To Make a BIG Shift – Bonus Audio 
Create a BIG shift in your life by changing what 
happens between your ears, because how you think 
changes EVERYTHING… This audio lesson shows 
exactly how to make big changes in your life FAST.
Bonus #4
The Empowering Equation for Setting Your Rates
Use this complete blueprint to determine your 
rates, and to how to know when it’s time to 
restructure your business so that you can continue 
to grow.
Plus, to remove all risk and 
concern from your shoulders, 
I’m extending to you …
My "No Complications Promise" 
& Personal Guarantee To You Is:
If after completing the virtual portion of this course, you don’t believe this program will help you to drastically accelerate your income, provided you give a minimum of 30-days notice, you may cancel your attendance to the Intensive, and I’ll give you a full credit toward any of our other offerings (plus let you keep the bonuses at no charge).

Understand: Because your order contains digital course materials, no refunds can be granted at any time. (If requested, your credit may be used until JULY 31, 2019.)

So, no matter which way you slice it: There is ZERO RISK FOR YOU

Real “Maximize Your Marketing Mindset” 
Results, from Real Entrepreneurs…
Within 7 months of working with David, not only was I able to turn a profit in my first business but I also launched a second business that started to generate over 6 figures per month within less than a year. My husband and I became more honest with each other about what our unified vision is, and he was able to leave the corporate world to start his own startup tech company. I am eternally grateful to team Neagle for waking us up and showing us what we could create!
sara khaki | Founder, Atlanta Divorce Law Group and the Khaki Law Firm
Working with David I was able to 5x my 6-figure income in one year! This is what a quantum leap looks like!
Amira Alvarez | CEO, The Unstoppable WOman
My work with David empowered me to become aware of the depth of my desire and actually take the steps to create a life I dreamed of. Now I can honestly say that I’m living a beautiful life I created completely - I travel The world, I have two companies that are thriving, and I have intimate relationships with some of the most amazing people on the planet. To say I’m deeply grateful would be an understatement.
SLoane | Owner, Warriors of the heart
In working with David I’ve had several breakthroughs. First, after spending years not being clear on what I wanted, I have become much clearer and have worked diligently toward that desire. Second, while working with David, we uncovered a huge opportunity for me to grow my business over 50%, without me working longer or harder. I’m truly grateful for the insight and direction David has provided.
Mike Gionta | President, TheRecruiterU.com
Teaching entrepreneurs how to build businesses is what I’m known for … but it’s truly NOT what matters. What matters is what my clients and I actually “DO” with the money we make. 
So let me ask you:
Are you excited to start making a difference?
Making the decision to “Maximize Your Marketing Mindset” during my 2-day LIVE COACHING EVENT plus 4-Part Virtual Training will be life-changing for YOU if:
  •  You KNOW BEYOND DOUBT (because you feel it in every ounce of your being) that:
  • you are here for a reason, a purpose;
  • you are here to impact the lives of many;
  • you are so much greater than the sum of your current achievements, no matter how significant thus far;
  • you have an important message to share, and unique gifts that deserve visibility, attention & expression.
  •  Even though you feel busy every day, you aren’t seeing the results in your bank account … OR in the growth of your list … and deep down you recognize you’re simply not acting in alignment with your Big Vision goals and dreams.
  •  Making powerful new collaboration, joint-venture and affiliate connections is high on your priority list – PLUS you’d just love to learn exactly what it takes to become a highly “sought after” Expert … so you can spend a lot less time & effort “seeking”!
  •  There’s hidden money & revenue streams in your existing business … you can feel it … but you’re already bogged down with regular day-to-day operations, you just can’t imagine how you could add one more income stream to your already over-flowing plate! (Unless of course it was easy …)
Resonating with ANY or ALL of the above bullets? 

“YES!” -- Then your “Next Step” is right in front of you:

Make the decision to “Maximize YOUR Marketing Mindset” during my
 2-day LIVE COACHING EVENT plus 4-Part Virtual Training!
Embrace your brilliance,Unlock an irresistible inner confidence,
and create cash-flow, clients & credibility... Continuously!
choose your 2-day intensive location:
August 12-13, 2019
Charlotte, NC
September 9-10, 2019
Charlotte, NC
October 10-11, 2019
Charlotte, NC
(Seats are limited to 35 registrants. DO NOT DELAY!)
Got questions? Want to purchase a +1 ticket for just $275?
Call and speak to my highly trained team at
David is an unapologetic truth teller who helped me uncover who I am and what I am capable of. I was stuck at $60k/month in my business and David helped me hit my first 6-figure month, and then my first 7-figure year. This is only the beginning!!
Jesse Johnson | Ceo & Founder of Jesse Johnson Coaching, Inc.
In the very first year we coached with David, we tripled our business revenue to $622,000. In 2015 our company was recognized by inc magazine as one of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the country with verified revenues of just over $3mm. We were recognized again in 2016 with revenues of $4.8mm, and we expect to make the list again this year (2017) with sustained growth of more than 300% over the previous 3 years.

Ongoing coaching with David undoubtedly helped us build our personal net worth from less than zero to more than one million dollars, and on top of that, has allowed us to make a huge impact in the lives of others.
Rjon Robin | Founder, How to Manage a Small Law Firm
As a result of my coaching with David, I’ve been able to completely overcome my fear of what people think of me. And here’s the translation to my money-results: in one year of my business -- I’ve grossed over $500,000, and in year two, 6-figure months are my new normal!
Marla Mattenson | CEO, MarlaMattenson.com
Within the first month of coaching, David and his team helped me identify and create an additional 100k+ revenue stream in my existing business. But even more importantly they helped me see my real purpose as an entrepreneur and unapologetically unleash my power as a woman. I feel new levels of clarity, confidence and passion which means I’m showing up and magnetizing amazing opportunities, clients and money.
Shasta Townsend | Best-selling Author & Income + Intimacy Expert ShastaTownsend.com
Remember, I’m sharing 
these results because …
I want to give you a glimpse of what’s possible for YOU. I want to help YOU get the same breakthroughs, and finally Be Recognized As The Beyond-Brilliant, Big-Results, Big-hearted Expert You Absolutely Are!

AND if you’ve known me for any length of time, you’ll likely already know about my passion for supporting causes like “Make-A-Wish Foundation”, and my core belief that: It’s NOT just about the money...
The real benefit here is Freedom.
More than the financial success & stability (although extra money is always nice!), the REAL benefit is the freedom that comes from discovering YOU have the power & ability ~ now and for the rest of your life ~ to create WHATEVER you want, WHENEVER you want it!!

In other words: Your success – your income, your potential, your resources – do NOT have to be random, unpredictable and at the mercy of outside circumstances … but is actually something YOU can control.

Because: Once you experience the freedom that results from Maximizing Your “Marketing Mindset” … and the freedom of knowing how to make money whenever you want … there’s nothing in your life that you can’t change, transform, and up-level, if you so choose!
After all …
isn’t “freedom” the primary reason you decided to start a business
in the first place?
  • The freedom to finally DO what you LOVE … and get PAID doing it;
  • The freedom to work the HOURS you want … so you could spend MORE TIME with your family, friends and loved ones;
  • The freedom to work WHERE you want … and make money from your couch or even on VACATION;
  • The freedom to work with the PEOPLE you want … so you could do what you love with the people you LOVE;
  • The freedom to CONTRIBUTE to causes you care about … so you could be an ACTIVE agent of change & not just talk about it;
  • The freedom to ELIMINATE THE CAP on your earning potential … and make DIFFERENT LIFE CHOICES for the future;
“YES!” -- Then: 
Make the decision to 
“Maximize Your Marketing Mindset”… 
and finally “Fund Your FREEDOM”!
Embrace your brilliance,Unlock an irresistible inner confidence,
and create cash-flow, clients & credibility... Continuously!
choose your 2-day intensive location:
August 12-13, 2019
Charlotte, NC
September 9-10, 2019
Charlotte, NC
October 10-11, 2019
Charlotte, NC
(Seats are limited to 35 registrants. DO NOT DELAY!)
Got questions? Want to purchase a +1 ticket for just $275?
Call and speak to my highly trained team at
Inquisitive minds
want to know… 
Check out this Q&A section to help resolve any lingering questions you may have about the breadth and scope of “Maximize Your Marketing Mindset”...
Q: Do I have to be an entrepreneur to attend? 

A: No, not necessarily, however: It would be best if you’re passionate about entrepreneurialism and have a dream to become a business owner. There is a strong emphasis on how to radically improve the results of your “Conversion Conversations” on Day 2 of this event, and so if you have no real need to “make sales”, you may be a bit lost in this section.

Q: What if I’m brand new to business, and don’t have a single person on my list … will I benefit from this event?

A: Absolutely & you shouldn’t miss it! Remember: This event is about learning to step into your “Marketability”, and how to correctly position yourself as an Expert and as a Thought Leader, no matter the size of your list.

Q: I’m a seasoned and experienced business owner … Will I be bored to tears at your event?

A: There’s a reason I’m the most sought-after business mentor for millionaire & multimillionaire entrepreneurs that I know of, and it’s not because my teachings are common, basic, or rehashed at every small business & marketing event going. No matter what stage of business you’re in, I can guarantee you what I’m about to teach, you’ve not heard before anywhere else. Like you, I’m an independent thinker, and I’m excited to share with you what mass exposure strategies are working for me and for my private VIP clients right now. I promise you, you will not regret your decision to attend!

Q: How many speakers will take the stage during this event?

A: Great question -- and let me assure you, this is NOT a multi-speaker, pitch-after-exhausting-pitch seminar. The content of this event will be delivered by me personally. 

Q: Will I leave this event with more strategies than I can handle? I don’t want to leave more confused than when I came…

A: As I mentioned above, ideas are a dime a dozen! I know if I tell you exactly what to do next, you’ll do it … so I’m not in the least bit concerned about you being confused. Remember: This 2-day event plus 4-part Virtual Training has a very precise focus: Teaching you to “Maximize Your Marketing Mindset”, so that you may be “seen” in the world as the Expert you truly are. Without this understanding, no amount of systems or strategies or ideas are going to create any measurably substantial results for you, period. So this is the key to really becoming the “Go To Expert” in your specific expertise.

Q: Can I bring more than one friend for an additional $275?

A: Well how many friends are we talking about? If you want to attend with a “Group”, please contact Sarah@DavidNeagle.com to find out what Group Options we have available for you. Otherwise, only one friend may attend with you at this amazing price.

Q: What if I can only use the virtual portion, can I still purchase a ticket to attend?

A: It’s really up to you. It wouldn’t be MY choice for you to miss any portion of the event. That being said, I admire your persistence & willingness to attend, despite your prior commitments. The choice is yours. Please be sure to communicate often with our Team so that we may help you make the most of the time you CAN spend with us.
Are you ready to join me?
Simply reserve your space via the payment plan of your choice 
below, and my Team and I will look forward to 
spending this time with you!
choose your 2-day intensive location:
August 12-13, 2019
Charlotte, NC
September 9-10, 2019
Charlotte, NC
October 10-11, 2019
Charlotte, NC
(Seats are limited to 35 registrants. DO NOT DELAY!)
Got questions? Want to purchase a +1 ticket for just $275?
Call and speak to my highly trained team at
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