A Simple Daily Process That Will Change Everything

In The Elite Mind 90-Day Experience (TEM90) you will...

  • Zero in on the exact mindset issues that are blocking your sales
  • ​Ramp up your productivity, be more efficient with your time, and take the right actions daily, so you can hit your income goals
  • Recommit to your goals, dreams, and vision for your business
  • ​Be accountable to YOURSELF as a leader and entrepreneur
  • Demolish your excuses
  • ​Build momentum by taking consistent steps towards your desired outcome
  • ​Cultivate the qualities and skills necessary to accomplish your goals
  • ​Break free from self-sabotage and stop abandoning your goals to get real results that astound your life & business

Imagine if you were 100% accountable to yourself every single day, nonstop.

If you showed up…

Fully committed to your goals…

Banished all your excuses…

Took action…

Followed through on your commitments…

And did what you needed to do to create the life & business of your dreams.

That’s exactly what you’ll be doing in The Elite Mind (TEM) 90-Day Program.

A Deeper Look Inside The Elite Mind 90 Day Experience:

You'll meet with David Neagle live 
EVERY DAY for 90 Days

In this transformative program designed specifically for ambitious small business owners and entrepreneurs, you'll experience a rapid evolution in your business. Gain profound insights into the ways you hinder your own progress and develop the awareness to make empowered choices every step of the way.

In the pursuit of success, there are no breaks when it comes to nurturing a winning mindset. Part of developing an exceptional mindset involves consistently engaging in actions that propel you forward, refusing to let anything stand in your way.

That's why this program is a daily commitment, leaving no room for downtime. By dedicating yourself to this program without interruption, you will cultivate remarkable self-awareness, unwavering self-confidence, and an unyielding sense of accountability towards your goals.

The most effective way to create an "elite mindset" is to actively practice and embrace it each and every day. With this program, you'll experience a quantum leap in your business, propelling you towards extraordinary achievements and unparalleled success.

(In a hurry? Start your membership here, and watch everything change from your sales to your time management, to your marketing outcomes—and pretty quickly, I might add.)
For 90 Days, Stay Focused and Clear, So You Can Create Exactly What You Want in Your Business...

Hi, I’m David Neagle. I created TEM90 (The Elite Mind 90-Day Program) to help you develop an unwavering sense of confidence in yourself.
I’m here to help you BECOME the business owner you aspire to be… so you can reach all of your goals (yes, this includes surpassing income goals you never deemed attainable, fostering a company culture with an exceptional team and giving yourself more freedom to enjoy the things you love in your personal life).

When you commit to showing up, do what needs to be done, and stick to a daily process that works, you automatically uplevel all areas of your life.

Something almost “magical” happens in you as you engage in this process for 90 days:

  • You strengthen your “commitment” muscle by showing up and taking small, simple actions that add up over time
  • ​You develop trust in yourself—an internal knowing and a sense of “I can do this,” no matter what the task or challenge is
  • ​You start seeing through your own BS, due to your heightened awareness
  • ​You catch yourself when you’re making excuses
  • ​You start to build yourself into the business owner and leader you want to be
  • ​You expand your belief in what’s possible (far beyond whatever you were programmed with)
Who TEM90 is For…

This program is for you if you’re…

  • Ready to ramp up your sales and stop getting in your own way
  • ​Eager to significantly increase your business income - even when it’s uncomfortable
  • ​Tired of constantly disappointing yourself, failing to reach your goals, sabotaging your progress and settling for less than your true potential
  • ​An entrepreneur, business owner, or employpreneur who is seeking growth in yourself and in your work/career
  • ​Looking to uplevel (i.e., significantly improve) all areas of your life—think: finances, wealth, health, happiness, business, relationships, attitude, self-confidence, and more
  • ​In need of massive, daily accountability to yourself
  • Ready to “act your way into a new way of thinking” (not “think your way into a new way of acting”—which doesn’t actually work)
  • ​Eager to be immersed in David Neagle’s energy on a daily basis
How TEM90 Works

The structure of this program is mind-blowingly simple, yet it brings powerful results  in your business—if you do it.
For 90 days, I’ll host a quick morning meeting and give you a “thought of the day” or a concept to focus on for that day. (These usually run about 10-15 minutes.)

All you have to do is show up and listen.

Each day, you’ll fill out 2 forms based on my “Sacred Seven” practice—these are the seven things I focus on each morning to set my intention for the day. (Some members think these forms alone are worth the price of admission.)

We have business owners attending the daily meetings virtually in their gym clothes… or in their Sunday clothes… it doesn’t matter; what’s important is that you show up consistently each morning (9:30 am EST).

Every week, be prepared to bring your questions to the live Q&A sessions. You can’t grow if you don’t ask questions!

And every month we'll meet for a 4 hour workshop to dive deep into key areas that make all the difference in your business success - goal setting, sales and confidence, as well as the terror barrier to help keep you moving beyond the 90 days.

What to Expect While You’re in This Program:
  • A Step-By-Step Process to develop and integrate an elite entrepreneurial mindset into a habit, where you work every single day on applying it to your activities to get a different result. 
  • ​Powerful Exercises to help you create anything you want in life and business—because you have the mental strength, emotional strength, and commitment strength to follow through with what you say you’re going to do every day.
  • ​I’ll share with you a self-reflection framework that you’ll use EVERY SINGLE DAY to identify any weak areas in your mindset and change unproductive thinking and behaviors immediately. 
  • ​Next we’ll pivot your SELF-ESTEEM so instead of being ignored or feeling irrelevant, you’ll convey the “Impression of Increase” and confidence in EVERYTHING you do.
  • Then we’ll work on CONSISTENCY—which is KEY in developing an ELITE Mind and creating a flourishing business…we’ll pull out self-sabotage by the roots, and replace it with consistent thinking and actions.
  • ​Do not be mistaken... you can expect to STRETCH during our 90 days together. Expect to be CHALLENGED, PUSHED and HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

“It’s Like a Daily Shot of 
David Neagle Vitamins…”

What’s Included in Your 
TEM90 Membership:

1. Daily "Million Dollar Mornings" Coaching Sessions w/ David (EVERY DAY at 9:30am ET, from November 28th, 2023 to February 25th, 2024)

2. Weekly Group Q&A Huddles w/ David (Tuesdays at 12:30 pm ET and YES, you'll have access to ask David anything directly every week...there won't be room for procrastination or excuses)

3. 3 Elite Mind LIVE Virtual Workshops w/ Q&A (November 27th, 2023, December 21st, 2023, and January 25th, 2024, from noon-4pm ET)

4. Companion Handouts, Challenges, and Exercises (We’ve designed these specifically to eradicate your unproductive values and beliefs as a business owner... I DID say you would be stretched!) These usually pop up organically depending on the questions you ask, or are related to the exercises you’ll do in the workshops.
5. Full Replays and Recordings of all Workshops and Million Dollar Morning Coaching Sessions (These are YOURS to keep forever and return to if needed.)

6. Private and Exclusive Facebook Group (This group will be a source of inspiration as we all challenge each other and rack up our WINS!!)

About Your Mentor, 
David Neagle

David Neagle is a speaker, best-selling author of The Millions Within and known as one of the architects of the coaching and personal growth industry itself. He’s the guy you go to when you’ve tried every strategy, and you finally realize, it’s not your strategy that’s an issue, it’s what’s going on between your two ears that’s the issue. He’s known for helping business owners turn their annual income into a monthly income.

After surviving a near-death boating accident in 1989 while cruising down the Illinois River, David was given a second chance at life. A high school dropout and previous dock worker, he awakened to the untapped potential inside of him. He decided that day to begin the journey in changing his entire life.

David has worked alongside other well-known mentors like Bob Proctor, Marianne Morrisey, Tony Robbins, and the like for decades. In the 12 months following his accident—despite being unable to walk for more than a month—he tripled his income and eventually became a multimillionaire. He’s helped thousands of other people do the same.

Keeping Your Mind Focused in a Specific Direction, So You Can Achieve an Outcome You Want…


Previous and current members of TEM90 say they’ve learned invaluable life principles such as:

  • Being able to have massive sales days, even after a dry spell–by relentlessly focusing on the correct actions
  • ​Give it your best every day, even when you don’t feel like it
  • ​Stop fighting yourself and drop your story about why you “can’t” do what you want to do
  • ​Expect what you want to happen 
  • ​Stop resisting what needs to be done

Do a Little More…

Build Yourself Up to Be Able to Handle Anything That Shows Up  in Your Business (& Life)...

Remember, this program is simple. All you need to do is:

1. Show up on a morning meeting each day

2. Fill out 2 forms a day

3. Ask questions every week

4. Really commit to doing your best each day as the leader of your business.

If you go through this the full 90 days, you’ll be astounded at how much you—and your life and business—change.


Q: What if I have to miss a day?

A: No problem! You will receive the replay of EVERY training so you can watch it at your convenience. And we are SUPER fast... so you’ll be able to watch prior to the next day's training!

Q: Do I have lifetime access?

A: Absolutely. All replays are yours to keep FOREVER. Listen or watch as many times as you like. You may even want to repeat the 90 days to keep the momentum you’ve gained going!

Q: Can I join with my spouse or business partner?

A: YES! We know how important it is to be on the same page as your spouse or business partner... for this reason, we are allowing your spouse or business partner to join WITH you at no additional charge. We just ask that after you register yourself, you reach out to [email protected] to add your plus 1.

Q: Do we meet on holidays and weekends?

A: We meet EVERY DAY... holidays and weekends are NO exception... plan to spend a solid 90 days every day focused on hitting your goals!

Q: Do you offer custom payment plans?

A: Yep! We’re happy to work with you and your unique financial situation. For a custom payment plan, please email [email protected].

Q: Do I need to have a business goal in mind?

A: YES. And what I mean by yes is - how you do anything is how you do everything. Any goal you choose and what you learn along the way will affect your business because acheiving a goal is not just about what you're doing, it's about who you're being. Whether you choose a health goal, a business goal, or a relationship goal... the strategy you will learn applies to ANY goal as long as it’s a goal YOU are 100% excited about! And don’t worry... we start the program by helping you dial in a goal... so if you're a little unsure, we’ll help you get clarity.

Q: What’s the time commitment for this program?

A: 10-20 minutes each morning, 5 minutes each night, 60 minutes once per week for the Q&A Huddle, and (1) 4-Hour Workshop one time per month.

Q: I'm in a different time zone. Should I listen at the time of the call or would it be better to watch the recording during the morning for me?

A: That's one of the best things about this program... while we'd love everyone to join live, it is not necessary. As long as you are committed to watching the lesson daily, you won't miss out on a single thing! We have people join from all over the world and they get AMAZING results regardless of the time they watch the lessons!

Q: I’ve tried so many other business coaching programs and got disappointing results…will TEM90 actually work for me?

A: If you “already know” what to do, but haven’t been able to get yourself to do it consistently, this program is 100% for you. I guarantee it’s a mindset issue holding you back. I will coach you to get your desired results over the 90 days—because we will “zero in” on the exact thing holding you back. You won’t be able to hide from yourself anymore...

Clear Your Mind, Stay Focused, and Prepare Yourself for Business Growth…

If you’ve read this far, you probably already have an internal knowing as to whether this program is for you. Now it’s a matter of taking the action and signing up.

If something has clicked in your mind like—“Yes. I need this. I want this.”—then I encourage you to start your membership by pressing the "I want in!" button below.

If you have further questions or would like to speak with one of our highly trained coaches, just click on the chat box on the lower right of your screen… yes, a real person is on the other end! We’ll be happy to help you decide if this program is right for you.

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